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Hastings Museum Spirits & Interesting People

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 25. The Hastings Museum is hosting Spirits & Interesting People, SIP. It's a cocktail party with a twist!
The Hastings Museum has lined up a great panel for Speed Schmoozing! You'll get live music, great appetizers, and experts on a variety of topics. 3D printing, tattoos, golf, paleontology, plus insights from a bacteriologist, drug investigator, and a history of sex professor. This is a 21-and-older event. Attend by yourself, with a date, or with a group of friends. Call 402.461.4629 today for tickets.
Advance tickets: $9 Members | $13 Non-Members | All tickets purchased on Jan. 25: $15 | Plus Tax
Join us for Spirits & Interesting People
Saturday, January 25, 7-10p