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Adams County supervisors approve pay increase

Posted: 01/10/14 09:26

Adams County’s elected officials will be getting pay raises for the next four years. The Board of Supervisors approved salary increases this week in order to meet recommendations sent out by the Nebraska Association of County Officials. Current salaries are well below what the association recommends. The county’s clerk, assessor, treasurer, register of deeds and county court clerk make just under $56,000 a year. According to the association, they should be making $64,000. By 2018 they’ll be closer to that base—at just under $63,000. The board unanimously approved the incremental salary increases for 8 elected positions beginning in 2015. The county attorney’s salary will increase from $71,000 to $87,000 and the sheriff’s from $63,000 to $72,000. Supervisor Eldon Orthman tells KHAS radio they had decided in December to increase the salaries over a 2-year period, but opted this week for four years. He says it will still be a hit on the budget, but they want to keep good employees and remain competitive with other counties.