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Hastings City Council looks to fill spots, present budget

Posted: 08/13/13 08:33

City Councilman Todd Oatman has resigned from his ward 1 seat leaving two vacancies on the City Council. Leaving two empty seats on the Hastings City Council. Roger Glenn resigned earlier this year leaving the vacancy in ward 2. Powers encourages citizens who want to become more active in their community to send resumes to City Hall by September 1st. Powers says itís been difficult to conduct the meetings with the 2 empty seats and says the council is getting close to not having a quorum.

The City budget was presented to the Hastings City Council last night. City Administrator Joe Patterson says itís good news for those concerned about property taxes. Patterson says several factors came into play. A public hearing will held on September 9th and the budget has to be on filed in the State by the end end of September.