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Nebraska legislature looks at tax code

Posted: 01/28/13 08:31

More news as we start another week in the Nebraska Legislature. Gov. Dave Heineman continues to tout his tax plan as a way to make Nebraska more competitive for businesses and a better place for families to live. The Governor was in Hastings this past Friday talking about what his tax plan would mean to you. Last year the Governorís tax plan was wilted down before finally being passed, this year the Governor says he has more confidence. Itís been 5 decades since Nebraska lawmakers have reformed Nebraskaís tax code

Lawmakers have set a hearing for a bill that would prevent bosses from demanding access to private information within their employees' Facebook or Twitter accounts. The Legislature's Business and Labor Committee will hold a hearing on the proposal today. The bill by Senator Tyson Larson of O'Neill would make it illegal for employers or potential employers to request the information from a worker or job applicant.

State Senator Colby Coash of Lincoln has introduced legislation that would again allow relatives and family friends to care for a ward of the state without needing to obtain a foster care license. The Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee will review the bill Thursday and hold a public hearing.